Paper TownsPaper Towns by John Green

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Methinks John Green might as well have hacked away the first two thirds of Paper Towns. The story had no rhythm. It was tired. And Clumsy. And so Cliche. You want a Magical Negro who’s only role is to help the white kid? You got him. You want your Jock? You got him. You want your issued girl who’s the center of attention? You got her. Name it and check, check check: You got it.
Also, Paper Towns is eerily familiar to Finding Alaska. Only not as awesome for the most part. I only perked up when Quentin and his buddies hopped into the minivan for the ride of their lives. The last bit of Paper Towns should have worked nicely for Finding Alaska instead.
I know John Green writes a mean story when he means to. I don’t care that lots of people have loved Paper Towns. As for me, John Green GO HOME!

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