Calamity (Reckoners, #3)Calamity by Brandon Sanderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Calamity had sparks of brilliance which made me love Books 1 and 1.5 (Steelheart & Mitosis respectively). A few inspired action scenes were palpable in their execution, so much so that my current reality fell away and I was fully enveloped in Sanderson’s dystopian Calamity universe. Sad to say, but I did not experience a similar feeling reading Firefight (Book 2). Overall, Calamity was much more refined, and even David’s horrible metaphors started making some bit of sense.

In Calamity, the last book in the trilogy, the surviving members of the Reckoners are without much needed resources, are experiencing a serious chasm in leadership on top of which are fighting for their very existence against an enemy possessing of almost godlike powers. This High Epic of High Epics is also vastly experienced and most of all, intimately understands the Reckoners like no other. We have to admit that David isn’t much of a leader, and more a half-cocked gun, jumping into volatile confrontations and naturally improvising as he does best.

The explosion blew above, and it somehow seemed louder because I’d been expecting it. The chunks of metal fell exactly where they had before, slamming to the ground inches from where I crouched – but I was left unharmed, as was Megan.
The robots, on the hand, acted like a bunch of youthful dreams and got thoroughly crushed.

I have mixed feeling about the climax and ending. Spoiler time! I will take pity on those who haven’t read Calamity and I won’t spoil the surprise. So here goes: (view spoiler)

He streaked toward us, cape fluttering behind. An outfit I knew all too well…For in that world, my father’s shirt had borne a symbol. A symbol I recognized -a stylized S shape. A symbol that meant something…

Does that ring a bell? And then my mind went back to those hints related to David’s High Epic powers. Invulnerability, man of steel, flight, issues with flight. To say I was surprised is an understatement. (hide spoiler)]Well played Sanderson. Well played.

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