The Bands of Mourning (Mistborn, #6)The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson

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Were you ever insecure?” Marasi asked. “Or did you always know what to do? Did you get jealous? Frightened? Angry?”
If Vin had been an ordinary person at any point, the stories and songs had forgotten. They proclaimed her the Ascendant Warrior, the woman who had slain the Lord Ruler. A Mistborn and a legend who had carried the world itself upon her arms while Harmony prepared for divinity. She’d been able to kill with a glare, tease out secrets nobody else knew, and fight off armies of enraged koloss all on her own.
Extraordinary in every way. It was probably a good thing, or the world wouldn’t have survived the War of Ash. But rusts … she left a hell of a reputation for the rest of them to try to live up to

I can’t help but smirk when I read this. I feel I am in on a secret. That I personally know Vin and Kelsier and Sazed (now a god) all the legendary warriors talked about reverently in the Wax and Wayne series. What Sanderson has done is remarkable. He has transcended from being merely a writer in the Mistborn series (all six of them so far) to being something more.

Whenever the characters in the Wax and Wayne series speculate about the characters in the Mistborn trilogy, I am tempted to correct them because I do feel omnipotent. I know Vin’s origins from that urchin instinctively soothing her gang members without fully realising what she was doing. I know Kelsier and his crew as a pack of thieves gone good. I know Waxillium’s ancestor Landrian was a goodnatured coward who wouldn’t be caught in a brawl. I know that Wax might feel really powerful but he had nothing on any of the old Mistborn, expecially Vin.

Gosh! Why do I feel like gloating when I very well know Sanderson actually wrote both series! Well played man. You make me feel really invested in this universe. That is some spectacular world bringing right there.

The Bands of Mourning was rather lethargic from beginning right up to the middle. Maybe Wax is growing old. He was more contemplative where before he’d shoot you dead and ask questions later. The characters are still awesome to behold. Marasi has metamorphosed into an entirely new person. She’s no longer swooning over Wax and can hold her own in a gun fight. Steris was the gem in all this. She is meticulous in her preparations. I loved her character to bits! Wayne is Wayne and you have to give it to him. He doesn’t change much. He’s still the wacky kleptomaniac since the series begun.

He pulled up beside the last stack of planks in the line, Wayne joining him. The man yanked out his canteen, which was of sturdy, stiff leather, worked to the shape of a small bottle. He took a swig and offered it to Wax, who accepted it and downed a drink.
He coughed softly. “Apple juice?”
“Good for the body,” Wayne said, tucking the canteen away.
“I was not expecting that.”
“Gotta keep the stomach guessin’, mate,” Wayne said. “Or it’ll grow complacent and all

The Bands of Mourning is a myth surrounding the supposed metalminds of the Lord Ruler himself. Whoever wears them would his powers. Something to note: Much as in the Wax and Wayne universe, a number of people are a mix of Allomancers and Ferruchemists, back in the back, the only one with such power was the Lord Ruler. This book covers the hunt for these mythical bands of mourning that starts with a kandra which has a spike missing from an attack. And a glimpse of Waxillium’s sister who he hasn’t seen in a rather long time. Central to all this is his Uncle Edwarn and the mysterious Set. We also get a glimpse of a new people and perhaps new gods? The plot thickens. And so the hunt begins.

Alright 3.5 Stars. I was and I still am intrigued by where the series will go from here. The Set! Who the hell are those creatures? @_@

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