Friday's Thoughts

As 2014 bids goodbye to us, Daily Monitor‘s former Managing Editor Daniel Kalinaki published his creative non-fiction book, Kizza Besigye And Uganda’s Unfinished Revolution. It is beautifully written (Moses Odokonyero has identified only three typos in the entire book), but I will say more about this in a review. For now, I pick some few excerpts that I found interesting and hope you do too.

Love stories

When the final year examination results came out, he (Besigye) had performed very well. He had also applied to study medicine at Makerere University School of Medicine but only because the head girl at Kigezi High, whom Besigye was seeing at the time, had chosen the same course. (Page 21)

While in Nairobi Besigye learnt that his fiancee, whom he had abandoned in that city a few years earlier, had moved on, found someone, and had a baby. Life did not…

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