Arabic Literature (in English)

LitHub has kicked off its series of “books by women we’d love to see translated into English” with a German list of ten from Katy Derbyshire. An Arabic list is coming soon, but unfortunately has nothing from Algeria. Nadia Ghanem, who writes about Algerian literature for ArabLit and HuffPost Maghreb, compiled a list of six:

By Nadia Ghanem 

1Amal Bouchareb (أمل بوشارب‎)

Amal Bouchareb was born in 1984 in Damascus. She released one short story collection Thirteen on Her (عليها ثلاثة عشر) in 2014 published by Chihab eds, and a thriller Flickers of a Star  (سَكرات نجمة)  in 2015 with Chihab also. Her first work is a collection of thirteen stories, with each introducing a woman, twelve women in total like the 12 apostles whose characters meet and merge in the last.

Her thriller (سَكرات نجمة) mixes esoterism, the hand of Fatma, murder and…

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