Forgotten Truth (Truth, #3)Forgotten Truth by Dawn Cook
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Forgotten Truth just wormed its way into my 5 Star ratings! Don’t you just love it when fantasy writers so masterfully bridge the gap with reality by offering a tenable scientific explanation for the magic they so brazenly wave around in their books? Dawn Cook did just that in The Truth Series, and I feel her writing skills just kept getting better with each volume she released.

Forgotten Truth gives us a recap on how the Hold, the school of magic, used to be hundreds of years before our favorite heroine and resident Raku(Dragon)/student Master finds it devoid of all lifeform save the half-crazed Keeper, Bailic and a ton-load of food.

Dawn Cook so beautifully crafts the scenes that unfold in a past/present sequence. Her plot is sound, her reasoning spot on, the characters are so amazing! Especially Connen-Neute. He’s so awkward and naturally cool! Just when I was wondering if a 3rd book was warranted as the conflict seemed just about resolved in book II, Dawn releases a mouthwatering read such as this. Bravo!

Runs and starts on book IV without further ado…

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