Mind + BodyMind + Body by Aaron Dunlap

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There comes a time when you chance upon a great book, richly written, full of mirth, seasoned with lots of memorable action but also themed with philosophical anecdotes that give it layers of flesh and enough depth for the reader to take it seriously. But then it seems like nobody else knows a thing about it and it’s such a shame that the author put in as much soul as he did into his work and perhaps availed it for free download(Like in this case) and you wonder why nobody is gushing about the book. Really does havoc to logic.

Aaron Dunlap’s Mind + Body is a captivating thriller from the get go, written from a mostly humourous speculative teenage perspective but not lacking in depth as one would imagine. The action scenes and the serious undertones are very well researched and presented with such artistry that I am wondering why he gave away such a gem for free. This is a book that entertains, engages, thrills and still manage to coax deep thoughts at the same time.

For some reason, I was mostly captivated by the character of Amy, who was a capable sidekick to the main character in the novel, Chris Baker. In my head I always imagined her to be talented young actress in the KickAss movies, Chloe Grace Moretz as her acting style and personality fits this role perfectly. Amy grounds Chris and allows us to see his human side as opposed to the killing machine he has been programmed to be. I love the ending of this novel as well. Aaron Dunlap might choose not to continue with a second volume and all would be well as it’s a stand alone novel, though I would wish there is a second book. I really appreciated his work and would love to read more.

PS: I emailed the author and he was disillusioned that his awesome didn’t get as much readership to encourage him to devote himself to full time writing. I don’t think he will publish anything in a while. Very sad.

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