The Republic of Thieves (Gentleman Bastard, #3)The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch

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The Republic of Thieves packs quite the punch! Scott Lynch has written quite the masterpiece, dense with poetic nuances, subterfuge, suspense and a healthy doze of Romeo-and-Juliet type love between our conscientious thief Locke Lamora and the love of his life and only worthy adversary, Sabetha. After coming from a near-death experience Locke and his faithful side-kick and muscle, Jean Tannen have the adventure of a lifetime on their hands.

I bit my nails raw watching over the surviving Bastard Thieves like a dotting parent as I galloped through this 3rd and last installment in the series. After the untimely parting with the other Gentleman Bastards in Book 1, I was jittery. Scott Lynch exceeded himself in the Republic of Thieves. His style of pitting the last against the present, telling two concurrent stories that wove together so beautifully was the icing on the cake. I loved the way he stoppered the individual climaxes in each scene, choosing to build upon the other until the plot reached fever-pitch before he pricked the story with a needlepoint.

Lynch’s style is impeccable, very well researched, very engaging and very mysterious. Even with the ending to the Trilogy, the full story has not yet been fully milked and I see tangents within tangents with which Lynch can take us as we experience his gifted writings. It’s been a while since last I was this absorbed in a book. And with good reason.

I am as of this moment a Scott Lynch Convert! Great stuff!

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