Before They Are Hanged (The First Law, #2)Before They Are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie

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Logen is just one big, awkward lovable oaf with a bipolar disorder. Ferro is a vicious slap of cold water, juggling knives and a devil with the bow and arrow. Glokta is an enigma. A torturer who doesn’t derive much pleasure from hurting others but does it anyways. I love his ‘thoughts’ I disliked Jezal at first, that handsome devil, until the day he fell off his high horse. Quai is still in the gray zone. I don’t get him yet. The love the Northmen, Threetrees, Thunderhead, Grim and Dogman. They have this raggedness that is so appealing. Like Logen ‘Bloody Nine’ they are experts at the game of killing. I love West ‘Furious’ Joe Abercrombie has a way he grows his characters, each so well developed and so unique from the rest. I have fallen in love with his style of writing, with his usage of words, with his plot, his story, Book 2 did not lose the magic of the first like these books tend to go. I am so impressed. The First Rule series are not teeny like Harry Potter and yet neither are they so heartless and savage like Game of Thrones. I am officially a fan!

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