Infinite (Newsoul, #3)Infinite by Jodi Meadows
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The sheer creativity Jodi Meadows put into the plot of this series of books is impressive. It’s a good elaborate story from book 1 with unresolved issues that keep you hooked until you find out how it all pans out.
That said, I feel Infinite is the weakest book in the series. I didn’t feel that ummph! I suppose in catering for her teen fans she kept it simple; either that or my reading tastes have changed tremendously since last I thoroughly enjoyed Incarnate, but I felt the execution of this brilliant plot was a tad lacking. The writing style wasn’t as strong as I’ve come to expect from the great Jodi Meadows so I am a little bit disappointed.
Here is why:
1.The character assassinations weren’t very believable. All fight scenes come to think of it.
2.The progression of the plot and shifts in plot were vague and not very convincing.
3.The story felt rushed and thus denied us deeper character development and scene descriptions
4.The climax was too simplistic. A paltry trick and an immortal is reduced to nothing: a figurehead phoenix supposed to be uncatchable is easily towed in. A Sylph Army is rendered useless despite their great power. Dragons too fall from the sky like flies.

In my review of book 1 (Incarnate), I said it was a perfect story, word for word. Infinite…not so much. But still worth a read. Thus the 3 Stars. I still liked it.
(Sorry for the harsh review) 😦

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