The Skull Throne (Demon Cycle, #4)The Skull Throne by Peter V. Brett

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Am I the only one thinks the duke needs a slap on the face?” Kendall asked. “Eyeing our bums without so much as a How d’you do?”

That made me cackle like Hag Bruna. This novel is so perfect in so many ways, I’d run out of fingers and toes if I were to jot it all down. The story sucks you in so hard, you get disoriented when nature calls. I couldn’t wait to get back into the fray every time.
My best parts, the juiciest scenes were between Rojer and his wives, Amanvah, Sikvah and Kendall. I really really loved the chemistry these four had, the depth of their feelings, the politics behind their marriage. For a moment there, I wanted to get me a cluster of wives…
Moving on, something about the way Brett wrote The Skull Throne made it seem like one’s at the precipice, heady stuff about to go down. I realized I needed a moment to catch my breath at the end of every chapter as I savored the feel of these powerful images in my mind.
There is so much beauty in the depth of the characters, the intricate plot twists and turns. The fight scenes are so real I would jump up and swing my sword arm with my invisible knife like Wonda. My head would swell in the action, trying to wrap my mind around the awesomeness that is Brett. That he has given us 411 on the same characters from book 1 makes it all the more special as one feels they know these characters intimately.
For Peter Brett if he ever bothers to read silly reviews like mine, I love you man! Thanx for writing. Hurry up with the next installment!
And somebody give this guy a medal already!

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