The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, #2)The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Someone on Goodreads commented that the protagonist in The Scorch Trials, Thomas lost consciousness an awful lot. I made a mental reminder to check that out and to my surprise, in a few chapters, Thomas did faint more than 10 times that I was able to count. I found that to be an amusing observation.

As for the story, there is always the complications of the middle child syndrome in second volumes of trilogies. These books normally work as bridges, from the epic first volume to the epic third volume(unless the author blunders). I felt that The Scorch Trials was more of a transit book, something to snack on as we wait for the pieces to all fall in place and this isn’t a bad thing. Just requires skill to pull it off.

I enjoyed most of the plot, without being blown away: the pace is trememdous, the short-chapter writing style is great and interesting to read, the characterisation was a bit off, a good many of the characters were redundant such as Newt, Frypan, Jorge, Aris. I would have expected more input from them especially the first two, being instrumental in The Maze Runner.

I felt the last chapters lost a good deal of steam and I lost that connection I had with the plot at that point. The plot slowed to a crawl and the desciptions were offputting at times. The ending made me groan!!! But all’s good. I am captivated already as it is with James Dashner’s writing style and his creativity. Can’t wait for the last leg of this exciting journey.

P.S: One thing that had me baffled, why on earth didn’t Thomas use telepathy to communicate with Aris when they got separated?

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