By Clare Muhindo

Jayant talking about his award at his place on Sept 11,2015. Photo by Edward Kisoma. Jayant showing off his award at his home on Sept 11,2015. Photo by Edward Kisoma.

I, like many Ugandans, cared less about the Ugandan film industry until last month, when I was assigned to cover the third season of the Uganda film festival at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

That is when I first set my eyes of the Jayant Maru. He had been invited to the stage by the day’s MC, Pablo, to give a comment about the future of the Uganda Film Industry.

Quickly, Maru asked film makers at the event to stop begging for funds, because film industry is not an NGO. “If we keep waiting for funds, we shall make films and keep them under our pillows, or even leave them half done.”

I bet his attitude is the reason he has been able to achieve his dream.

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