The Slow Regard of Silent Things (The Kingkiller Chronicle #2.5)The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss

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Dear Mr. Rothfuss,

I have read with keen interest, your apologetic review/comment on The Slow Regard of Silent Things right here on Goodreads and I have also read your apologetic foreword right before I got to reading your whimsical story full of beautiful words and nuances far removed from the average story anybody would come across. I also read your apologetic epilogue right after your story about a week in the life of Auri.

Know this well Mr. Rothfuss, you shouldn’t fuss too much about trivial things. For those of us who have read The Name of the Wind and also The Wise Man’s Fear, we have had a taste for your unique style of writing and we love and cherish every word. Who says a story must have plot or conflict or any of that jibber jabber other authors and critics keep going on about?

And know this too, dear Mr. Rothfuss: We love Auri as well, some of us even more than you do. For her to get a revamp on her personality so that we may glimpse a bit of the inner workings of her mind is a boon. She matters, just as much as Kvothe the Bloodless matters.

So please, stop apologising for being your incredible self. You put a lot of soul into your writings and we all see it and appreciate the hard work. You didn’t apologise when you wrote The Name of the Wind. Why start now?

P.S: This waiting is Butter with knives. I can’t eat it 😦

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