The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1)The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

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The Name of the Wind is reminiscent of my Harry Potter days. Kvothe is so similar if not more ballsy than Harry Potter at Hogwarts. I love the poetic writing style Patrick Rothfuss employs at times and the musicality of the entire book I would have to say. His definitions and descriptions are crisp and sharp like a hot tang of spice on the tongue.
The depth of his characters and the scene sequence make it that you never get bored; there is always something new happening, something exciting much as the pace is somewhat laidback, like dying embers you just can’t stop gazing into.
I felt the ending was somewhat of a letdown. I tend to like books are stand alone, where I don’t have to read the second volume to know how the first ended. But I said only somewhat. The ending was poetic, a refrain which was brilliant in it’s descriptions and as the book started the same way, in the end you understand fully what it was that was being talked about. I loved it.
I hope I have captured the soul of the story without any spoilers because this is not a book to gossip about. It’s better one reads it and experiences it. I almost quoted the entire volume, lots of sensible phrases that warmed my heart and I had to note them somewhere for future perusal.
Brilliant work!

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