Dear friend, when I left, I knew I would return. I trusted time to heal this bloody gash in our friendship. So I stayed away and I counted the clouds. I counted the planks in the fence, waiting for the opportunity to get back to you.
Now I am come. A moment too late. There was a time I told you, or you told me that we should be friends forever. I concurred or you did. The details are blurred with misuse. So I am come, and you? You left a long time ago. The room of our friendship has grown impersonal since you’ve been gone.
Today I severed the tendons of this dear friendship when it dawned on me that its arm was too badly scarred to flex as it was originally intended. Call it a mercy kill. I would have been amenable to massaging the offending limb back to health but the pain would have been unbearable for the both of us.
For this I am sorry. I did not keep my word as I am only human. I had meant to keep your friendship in a jar next to my favorite things. My bad that my careless hand swiped across the table and shattered your jar. For all it’s worth, you meant the world to me.