I have put away the childish things. The 3 days of mourning are over. Now it’s back to business. No more pillow talk, weakness, crushing under the weight of what I supposed was love. That was love. That was me. And now the scales have dropped from my eyes.

This is for you.

If you expected me to sink under, think again. I am back like the herpes, stronger than I ever was. The guard I let down for you, I have reinforced and now there’s total lockdown. You thought I would cower under you and your glorified charms. In a moment of weakness, perhaps something in me did. Something I had very little control over paid tribute to the power you wielded in me.

I made out to fight you with all I had; fight you so hard that I would start to fear for myself. I made out to hate you now that your fangs have been drawn and poisoned my heart. I set out to avenge myself for the injustice you did me. For a moment there, I was lost within myself in the sorrow and the heartache. I am Here Now. Broken heart still beating.

You were once the centre of my universe. Now I draw you to me. I will make you beg me. I will make you unlove me and curse the day you met me if you don’t already do. I will wield you like a puppeteer and have you tiptoe around me, same way you made me do you. For the tables are turned.

I will make you.

For now you dance. Now you grovel in the mud. Now you stay awake in the dead of the night, calling my name. Too bad you can no longer summon me. Now you sleep walk your way back into my heart. Now you die tiny deaths every time you think me forever lost to you. Now you stalk me for you cannot help how you feel.

Now you die.

For Romeo’s heart is turned to stone.

On my tombstone lies a few chosen words:

Here lies True Love’s first victim.”