My lover said she wanted me too. My lover said, board a taxi and meet me half way. Along the way I met an old hag. Her knobbly finger pointed me away. She said, you star-crossed lovers, your end is nigh. I turned my nose to the sky. Without a backward glance, I told the taxi-man, Continuer! Continuer! Let’s get the hell out of here!

I checked my map. To my surprise the distance had grown by leaps, turned to miles as far as the eye could see. I asked the Taxi-man, how far my good man to my lover, do you know? He pulled out his looking glass. He squinted his bushy brow. He counted off his fingers as he spoke:
My dear boss, I count nine hundred leagues and a half a score. My taxi cannot possibly go that far. My back will break in two seated with you in this car. I beg you dear boss, let us turn around and get the hell out of here. We will be home in time for a hot bath, a hot meal, a warm bed, a kiss goodnight and a good snooze. Don’t you see it’s the right thing to do? The old hag said—
Forget that old witch. Time for me to ditch this ride. Au revoir my good man! Head back. Warm the old hag’s bed for all I care.  My burdens are mine and mine alone to bear. Go, my man! Godspeed to you before I let loose my tongue! Vamoose!
I hailed a rocket on a docket. I boarded in a second and take off got underway. Up we went and up we went. We twirled in circles and twirled in circles. Zigzagged like drunkards. Zigzagged to space. We landed on the moon. Pit stop. Landed on Jupiter. Faulty calculation. We had a breather before we took off once again. We landed on the stars. Finally! I whipped out my laser gun. I am gonna make the stars so cross at my lover and I. I took out my laser gun and bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
The stars…Crossed…The oceans…For me…They crossed…My Lover….And I…I Blasted them…out of the Sky…Our love…Blossomed and Died…And Rose…and Died…The cycle…Of life…It Blossomed…and—FREEZE IT THERE!
Picture perfect.
I was upbeat, drumming my fingers on the rocket dashboard. Humming myself a tune, I was smiling, smiling, smiling. Then I was frowning, frowning, frowning. Unforeseen weather forecast. Plummeting to earth with a super turbo blast. This day, do I breathe my last? I should see my lover! I should see my lover one last time!
***THE END***