Last month, France became the 14th country worldwide to legalize gay marriage. The bill was passed into law by the French president Francois Holland amid fierce debate and widespread demonstrations.  Thereafter, Wedding Planners got busy planning the first legal gay marriages for same-sex love-birds all across France. Another victory for Gay Pride.
Traditionally, marriage has been a reserve of opposite sexes.  Christian marriages of recent have become so mainstream; every girl wants a Christian wedding, with a white frock and a man of God to sanctify the union.  
The thing is, Christian weddings follow an ideology; marriage between a man and a woman in the presence of God and bla bla bla. A marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman violate that one ingredient that makes for a traditional Christian wedding and therefore disqualifies them as such.
In Africa, before the contamination of Europeans and their alien religious beliefs, marriage was a simple affair; an affair between the man’s family and the girl’s family.  There wasn’t as much fanfare as we see these days. You love the girl, she accepts you, you get a middle-man to broker the deal and it’s done!
These days marriages and weddings are all about show. Where is the heart? Why do I need the world to know my private affairs? Am I marrying for them?
Why a gay marriage that aims to imitate Christian values yet the very act of homosexuality is taboo in most churches? Why is it so important to have a marriage that half the world will look at with scorn? You love her, she loves you.  If your insecurity is at such an extent that you need to sign some documents to validate it, by all means, go to a judge and get civil wedding.
Why is it that important to broadcast your own private affairs?
In my opinion, the gay issue has been so badly handled that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Homosexuality is being shoved down our throats in bucket-loads. What’s the rush let me ask? It took only a couple of hundred years for black people to be accepted as full human beings and not the sub-human creatures Caucasians thought we were.  We didn’t come to your countries and force to be accepted; you took us there!  We knew who we were and were not ashamed of it. We didn’t try to force our skin-color and customs down your throats.
Why is homosexuality so vocal! It’s simply a sexual orientation! Get over it.
Do you need to be backed by western governments and multinational corporations? Do you need to promote your orientation so aggressively like it’s Coca-Cola? Thing is, I don’t even like Coca-Cola; it’s all in my face! You don’t allow us time to come to an honest decision as to whether we like it or don’t.
I am positive homosexuality has been present in Africa for a while. Africans tend to be rather reserved. I could say the same for the Arabs and a good number of Asians. Whatever a person is in private has nothing to do with his outward appearance.  We don’t need to broadcast things like that.
The average African doesn’t kiss in public. Family fights and disagreements are left at the doorstep.  Not that people don’t know- we are rather a communal people.
Why then is homosexuality such a big issue? I frankly don’t care if my best friend is gay. It’s a private thing. They don’t have to rub it in my face and go to the streets to campaign for ‘gay rights.’ They don’t have to support ‘gay causes’ whatever those are even.  When I think of Homosexuality, I don’t see it as normal behavior, but rather as an extremist movement. Like the Ku Klux Klan. Or the Illuminati. It doesn’t settle well with me.
In high school I heard stories of ‘White People’ who were doling out money to anyone who claimed they were gay and were being persecuted.  Imagine a situation where the average African struggles to feed himself and he hears of such stories; Boom! Instant Homosexual!  I also heard of underage kids indoctrinated into being homosexual with promises of money and sponsorship to schools abroad. That, my friend, is not how to make me accept a sexual orientation.
Can’t homosexuality simply be a thing between lovers; something whispered by shy lovers to themselves. Heterosexuality is normally that way this side of the world at least. A public display of affection of an orientation that is trying to gain worldwide acceptance doesn’t make me feel okay. Can’t it be a subtle movement that first proves to the world that it doesn’t mean any harm? I feel threatened here!
Homosexuality is rather coming off as a hostile take-over.  I wish it could be personified and given an everyday voice. Maybe then would I start believing that my age-old customs and traditions are not under threat.
Or is this just another front for the ‘White Man?’ After Christianity came Colonization with all its evils.  I am now wondering whether this too isn’t another front of something far worse than what the Western World did to us hundreds of years ago. I am wondering…