I did not set out to be all dark and emo.
When I write, I intend to infuse as much as much happiness and humor  as I can at the moment. I did not set out to be this way but as you very well know, I do not control my thoughts; all I can do is find a medium for them to escape the darkness within.
I am sorry
When the heart is broken, it never sets back the way it was intended. Scar tissue clogs up the veins and in the process some emotions never see the light of day.
The truth of a heartbreak is that people never get back to way they were before.
When a child’s soul is damaged, it happens the way of the heartbreak. A soul-hurt never heals; goes on hurting until we breathe our last.
A broken soul never grows even as the heart will grow and evolve into something new, something alien. The child remains at the state they were when their delicate soul was broken. There is no way around this. Tears can be wiped away, pain can be kissed away, wounds can be patched up; but a soul-hurt? No way. Souls cannot be mended.
When the child grows, they will seem normal, at face value, but deep within, the soul will eternally be searching for it’s broken pieces, never resting. The child might even forget the reason for the trauma as time goes by. This is all a farce! Call this a temporary measure for everyday sustenance.
When that child gets hurt, the soul wails most horribly. A simple hurt becomes most horrendous to them as it’s not just one hurt but a culmination of all the hurts they have suffered.  I am at a pain to describe the full extent of this pain.
A simple disregardable disappointment shakes them to the core. It’s the failure of the soul to rebuild itself in time.  A failure to right the wrongs committed against it.
Disappointment and failure is so crushing before long the child starts to nurse feelings of suicide, total surrender to the elements
Why are souls so brittle? Broken, they chip and crumble to pieces that can never be mended the conventional way.