The crux of the matter
Bury yourself in books and rediscover yourself. Read and unlock the knowledge that will shape the course of your life.
Forget. Important. Forget the past for it is now history. It’s played its part so now let it rest. It made you something else but what of it? It molded you into what you are, so don’t abuse your history.
Look at life with a new pair of eyes. Observe and Remember. This is vital for your survival. Memory alone is the basis of intelligence. Take longer at reading; take longer at feeling; work harder in life. Your time will come and then you will know I was showing you the way. The Only Way.
Pain is temporary; relish it. Physical pain is easier on your psyche  than emotional pain. Take it all in good faith. Your heart will heal if only you give it time. Time is a great healer, but the greatest yet is YOU.
Every breath you take is not coincidence. Every new discovery is a link in the chain you need to follow so you may attain the highest level of awareness of things unfolding around you.
Believe in fate. You shall only die when your time has come, no more, no less. Keep that in mind. Let the happenings in your life not surprise you; be prepared. Always
Get time off sometime. Go away to someplace safe; someplace empty, where the wind will blow against your face. Take a deep breath and release all that pent up tension; that headache short-circuiting your thought process. I know that human beings can be tiring creatures. So you need time off to recharge your batteries of cool-headedness. You need time off.
Hadn’t you a body, you’d only be a bundle of nerves of negativity life has always been hard on you. You question me, “Why am I this way?” and to that I have no reply.
You are no stranger to pain, hurt, solitude, breakdown, weakness… Play for time. The moment is yet to come and your experiences which you have now made instinct and intuition will guide your life until you take your last breath. Play for time.
“What of me?” you ask. Yes, what of you? Have I only made you a misfit among your peers? You think it’s for my own selfish amusement? No. You’re not worth your peers. You are unique as every other human being drawing breath as we speak. Don’t change, make friends. Take life easy.
And then the other thing. About that; it takes patience; it takes practice and it takes guts. Don’t be too severe on yourself. It happens to the best of us. Look inside of yourself for that extra oomph that will propel you to greater heights. There’s that element in you that supersedes all the other flaws you obviously have. Let not life take that away from you. Don’t waver. The negativity around you won’t kill you but rather make you stronger. Take heart. I got your back.
For that final kick; those clouded eyes can see what others can’t. Use that.  See the love in the air. Share some of it. DREAM. Love yourself first and then share the love.
Very important; DREAM.  The realm of dreams is akin to spirituality. Move at your pace. Do what you feel is right. Shape your character from reflection and dreams. You were made to last.
I haven’t given you much; just enough to ease you into your journey in the unknown. You love philosophy. Heed my advice. Take one step at a time. Cut your losses and count your blessings. Repackage yourself. What you are on the outside reflects what you are on the inside. Look around you for ideas. Love nature for it inspires you. You were made to be an achiever of unbelievable feats. All you have to do is…BELIEVE.