When the silence falls thick, unnoticed, wraps me in sinews of flesh, unbidden, robs me of air I am suffocating, When silence is sitting on my chest, unmoving, a death god, unchecked, unwanted, it just won’t budge, however much you try, tell me now, what can I do?
What can I do when heavy silence falls on my heart like steel pylons, robs me of air, unflinching, wraps me in a straitjacket of oppression, gags me with his loincloth, unwashed, I am gagging, robbed of personality, slaving in anonymity, wondering who am I? who am I? who am I that the darkness won’t blink; who am I who a myoclonic jerk won’t rouse; who am I who a heartbreak won’t douse; who am I? Who am I? Who am I?
When the sinews of silence stretch taut around me, suffocating the thoughts buzzing in the darkness sewing black cloth to house me; when the death god turns host to accommodate me, tell me now, who can I call upon for a few words of comfort? When my ears buzz in absence of sound and my mind echoes with static devoid of all thought, when my eyes see the silence for what it has become, when my name slips through my conscience and my words leak through my jowls, like…like…like…I cannot remember, for the silence is a thief, a robber, a taker, a devil and I am devoid of all want.
What do I want? WANT? WHAT? WANT? What do I want? Before I forget, before silence, the thief, the robber, the taker, the devil, robs me of all want, project this need, do this one deed, tell me now, what do I want?
I want you more than the wholesomeness of thought brimming in my head, I want you, if I forget, I would want you, to whisper it in the caves of my mind, whisper it in the silence of night, until it echoes in this deadness of thought.
I want you to be the last thing I forget.