February 6th2023
The thing about writing journals is that we normally write about stuff that has already happened; we write these things down so that we might maybe be able to preserve those events for future review. I suppose that is how this whole journal/blog/diary thing is supposed to go down.  
Have you ever wanted to do it differently, for once maybe?
Today Is the 6thof February 2023. Today also happens to be my birthday. I finally made 35 years since I popped on the scene. Such a bundle of joy I have been to all those who have known me up until now.  Okay, granted not much the bundle as the joy shared. I am human and that’s my saving grace. My flaws make me uniquely me.
If you must know, I am married. Happily. Don’t laugh. It had to happen sometime you know. My Rabbit is the most beautiful woman you will ever see. She is tiny, much like a child much as we are age mates. She speaks Arabic, French and English. I suppose our kids when they grow up, they will have to speak just as many international languages.  It’s a global village you know.  Our first-born Jericho is already showing mad skills at being multi-lingual. I hope Eden and Shiraz will show as much promise.  I am eternally grateful for my happy healthy children.
We live in a spacious 6 bed roomed modern house complete with a greenhouse and as much greenery as is permitted on our plot of land. We got some animals too; a dog, a cat, rabbits, pigeons. We got birds, but we don’t own those:
You know, looking back, I never imagined I would be where I am today. At 25 I had no idea how drastically life would change. I was stuck in a rut back then, unsure of what my future held for me. Now I know I was worried for nothing. Funny thing how life sort of ends up just the way you want it, if you let it.
I am content with my family and my mom and 3 siblings. We turned out good after all. Who knew?