I am sorry, I Do Not Date. I do not wish to. I believe the ONE I am betrothed to by the heavens is out there, keeping Vigil: She is terrified I will give up the wait and I am terrified some man will Impersonate My Heart. I hope she too will not date either; I know that if I don’t find her, She Will Find Me. And so I wait.
I do not date. My heart has to remain untarnished. For her. I do not dream of the day I will see her, because I do not need to. My Heart Already Knows. I do not imagine how she looks, because my soul sees her in my mind’s eye. I do not need to create allusions as to her smile, her lips, her eyes, her hips. That will soil my soul and shut off my senses finely tuned to finding her. I will cease to look for her heart and start searching for fleeting skin-deep beauty. She Is More Than That. Her soul has to sing to me, and I will be waiting!
The reason I do not date—I will liken the girl I set my eyes on, to her. I will attempt to fit her imprint in my soul to the girl I see. Before long, my soul will pick up the scent of the new girl and I will forget my quest. Because the new girl is betrothed to someone too as I am betrothed to her. She is special to someone as is my special girl. So I will break two hearts. No, three hearts, due to my selfishness.
So I do not date. I Simply Lie In Wait, ready to ambush the one I love- you know, jump out of the shadows and say, “SURPRISE!!!”
Let’ s only hope I don’t catch her in one of those WTF moments!